HAH.  Maybe I have nothing to worry about, after all that.

My braces are so effective at prising apart my (once-prominent) snaggletooth that I now have a sliver between my two (perfectly in line) front teeth

…Manfriend will just take care of everything and break up with me! (he’s an absolute tooth snob)

(like, this guy bitches the hell out of glorious beauties such as:

Anna Paquin;

Lindsay Wixon; and

Jessica Hart (bikini model)

(no lie, one time some gap-toothed bronzed goddess [probably the one above] had her perfect proportions splattered all over the front of a surf store and he went on this entire spiel about how he just didn’t “understand how anyone could find that attractive”

which was vaguely comforting; as it is rare for my lumpy self to feel aesthetically superior to anyone, at least I was someone’s dental cuppa tea.)

BUT NOW?!?!? Single party blog 2012 I guess!!

bring on the assorted genitals

(Editor’s note: I’m not actually concerned over the security of my relationship, in spite or because of my dental work.  I just like to use my internet platform to abuse those I love)